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Smartphones are becoming a lot more advanced and can really make a difference to your life whether it’s socially or for work. Having a smartphone allows you to do many things that you would have never thought about doing on your mobile 10 years ago.


Almost every phone has a built in email application that allow you to send and receive emails. This can make them ideal for work and busy people. Most phones also have software that allows you to view and read documents that you receive through email, SMS or on found on the internet.


Every smart phone has access to the internet, whether it’s through Wi-Fi or included in your contract. Browsing the internet is similar to using your internet on a computer at home; it is fast and easy to use. The internet is great for research, social media, checking the weather and much more.


Finally there are many different apps that can help you in your day to day life. For example you are now able to do online banking ,order groceries, check bus times, and keep up to date with social media and much more all through your mobile. For more information about smart phones click here.

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