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The right weather to get baking

Kitchens tend to be pretty hot when you are cooking more than pasta or fried eggs, so the winter is a great time to do some heavy baking. Not only this will warm up your house, but the dishes will be very hot and still steaming when you serve them. You will also eat rich and substantial food to fight the cold and the tiredness we all feel in the winter. Baking is a very satisfying cooking activity as well as a very easy one. Once the ingredients are all in a dish, a tin or on a tray, you only have to wait for the dish to be ready.

Pies, gratins and cakes

Winter cooking is generally associated with pies and there isn’t any food more comforting than a piping hot pie when the weather is cold and wet. Whether it is a savoury or a sweet pie, the possibilities are endless and the realisation easy. Anyone can bake a good pie, as long as you have a thick but still wet sauce and a good quality pastry. If you have the time and really like baking, make your own pastry, otherwise, a ready-to-roll will do.

Served with mash potatoes, a pie is always a winner.

Gratins are also a great dish when all you want is rich and hot food. Cook a classic dauphinois by slicing potatoes and baking layered in a dish with cream poured over, or add lardons through them and top with cheese.

Cauliflower mix with a thick white sauce and topped with cheese works great too and is an easy way to eat some vegetables.

Finally, baking cakes is the best thing you can do on a rainy week-end. It gives your home a great smell and provides you and your family or friends with something sweet to eat with a cup of tea after a walk in the cold.

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